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Three White Eagle - Inner Teachings books

Welcome to The White Eagle Teachings

The work of the White Eagle Lodge is based on gentle, yet profound universal spiritual truths.

Through this teaching we are encouraged on a path of love, tolerance and service towards all life; towards the development of inner peace, and the awareness of our eternal, spiritual nature.

White Eagle is a spiritual teacher. He is a spokesperson for a group of souls who have, through the experiences of many lifetimes, transcended earthly limitations. This brother/sisterhood dedicate themselves to helping Earth's humanity to raise their consciousness to the highest.

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It is possible to search all documents in the database or select to search either the Inner Teachings or Sunday Addresses. The database can be searched for words which appear in the text of the documents. Matched documents are listed and may be individually viewed (and printed if required). Search phrases (between double quotes) can also be used e.g. "The Aquarian Age".

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A glossary is provided, listing terms referred to within the text of various documents. You may wish to search on one or more of these terms to gain an understanding of the Teachings' subject matter.

Document titles within square brackets identify those which were originally untitled.

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Three White Eagle - Inner Teachings books