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Introduction to The White Eagle Teachings

Three White Eagle - Inner Teachings books

What is on the Database?

The database has been created to make more accessible various sets of teachings and addresses received at the White Eagle Lodge over a number of years. The first set, referred to as the Inner Teachings, was given through the mediumship of Grace Cooke to an audience of seekers during the period from March 1936 to July 1970.

A selection of Sunday Addresses, given by White Eagle again via Grace Cooke, covers the period 1932 to 1976, and is being added to the database. It is anticipated that various talks by White Eagle on other occasions will be provided later. 

For help in reading and a greater understanding of The White Eagle Teachings, please follow the link Reading The Teachings to pages on the White Eagle Lodge's main website.

As may be expected the language of the time was different in many respects from that which we would use now. Where necessary, reference has been made to this in the text and readers are also asked to refer to this introduction.

Please note - the glossary includes the identification of those referred to by their initials only in some of  the introductory notes, especially to the Sunday Addresses.

For information about the work of the White Eagle Lodge, please follow the link in blue above to our main website.


Gender and Cultural Issues

Where White Eagle refers to 'man' or 'mankind' this is without doubt inclusive of women. Similarly, White Eagle refers to Father/Mother God, but also to God as Father; we understand him to mean that God is both and also beyond gender.

'As God is both Father and Mother, so there are creations of the Mother-Father, male and female; the two are one, and the two will come together eventually. But at the same time I am trying to convey to you that you must try to get away from that box with a label on it. Oh, but we do not like labels! I want to try to convey an idea of a blending, both being male and female. In the beginning God created male and female, yes, but in that male and female is the opposite. There is both in the one. The two aspects are in the male, the two aspects are in the female, in the spiritual creation, in the whole being, but that does not alter the truth, the fact that the two are one, the perfect whole, both male and female.'  Inner Teaching T125 'The Affinity of God and Man'.

In most instances where White Eagle uses the word 'white' he is referring to 'light-filled', rather than to race or colour of skin.

Three White Eagle - Inner Teachings books
Three White Eagle - Inner Teachings books

The Channel

White Eagle said that he was a channel for those greater than himself, specifically the Star Brotherhood. He was keen to impress upon his listeners the need to test everything against their own hearts, not to be rigid or narrow in their thinking, to be tolerant and at the same time to develop discrimination and discernment.

One listener in a group said this: 'In spiritual law are there many things which seem to deny each other, and yet with greater experience they are actually a fulfilment of each other.' To which White Eagle responded:

'Exactly. That is why it is so foolish for people with different religious beliefs to claim that they have the whole truth and nobody else has it. There are so many beliefs, so many beautiful schools of learning, so many ways to the heart of truth. You and I have one—but it is not the only way. We impress upon you the need for following the Light in your own heart; and do not always think that there must be better flowers in the next-door garden—follow the Light in your own heart, for it is a sure guide.' Inner Teaching T122 'The Ancient Wisdom – III'.

'We beg you to understand the importance of not being too definite in the realm of mysticism, else you may divert others from truth. Be very comprehensive. White Eagle believes in everything, because he knows there is truth in everything lying beneath the clothing with which man likes to dress it up.' Inner Teaching T044 'The Egyptian Mysteries'.

'If our statements appear contradictory it is because you lack understanding, or maybe we have lacked clarity in our teaching. But in spiritual training we are continually meeting paradoxes, and it is part of the training to discern step by step the truth, and what is meant by a certain statement.' Inner Teaching T114 'A Way to Health'.

Three White Eagle - Inner Teachings books