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Glossary of Terms for The White Eagle Teachings

The glossary contains terms which are referred to in the database documents and they could be used as search terms. However, search phrases must be contained within double quotes. For example "Holy of Holies".

Akashic Records

A compendium of all human events, experiences, thoughts and emotions, encoded in the ether (i.e. on the etheric plane).


Another term for Cathars, a gnostic Christian group persecuted in France in the 13th century.

American Indians

When these teachings were given, the term ‘Indian’ or ‘Red Indian’ was common parlance used to refer to Native Americans. The term ‘Native Americans’ has been a commonly accepted term since the 1960s, but there is still controversy regarding this and some groups still use the original term. It is, however, unlikely that White Eagle would refer to ‘Indians’ if speaking today.


The Ancient and Mystical Order Rosæ Crucis (AMORC), also known as the Rosicrucian Order, is currently the largest Rosicrucian organization in the world.

Aquarian Age

An astrological term denoting the period now beginning, during which the sign of Aquarius will dominate human life on Earth. The ‘ages’ are related to the period of the Earth’s precessional motion, one cycle of which lasts around 25,000 years, resulting in each of the twelve zodiac signs holding sway in turn for a period of a little over 2,000 years.


A Sanskrit term meaning ‘enlighten’. The buddhic plane is sometimes defined as the realm of intuition and of the love-wisdom ray.


A gnostic Christian group in France that were persecuted in the 13th century.


This Sanskrit word literally translates to ‘wheel’ or ‘disk’. In yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda, this term refers to centres in the etheric body through which there is a flow of spiritual energy (both ways). There are seven main chakras, situated at certain points along the (etheric) spine, starting from the base of the spine through to the crown of the head.


A Sanskrit word meaning ‘disciple’.


According to the Cathars, the consolamentum was an immersion (or baptism) in the Holy Spirit. It implied reception of all spiritual gifts including absolution from sin, spiritual regeneration, the power to preach and elevation to a higher plane of perfection.

Crux Ansata

Also known as the ankh, this was a form of cross much used in ancient Egypt in which the top arm is replaced by a circle.


There is no one meaning of ‘dharma’, but it is equated with the spiritual principles/laws governing all life, and in Buddhism refers to the teachings of the Buddha.

Holy of Holies

The innermost sanctuary of the Hebrew temple, where God was considered to dwell.


 A lost continent in the far north.

Kilner Screen

In 1911 Kilner published one of the first western medical studies of the aura. Glass slides or ‘Kilner Screens’ were used as filters to train the eyes to perceive electromagnetic radiation outside the normal spectrum of visible light.


A Sanskrit word denoting the creative force resident in the base chakra which during the course of evolution rises up the spine, eventually reaching the crown of the head and illuminating fully the entire being.

Lemuria and Mu

As is Atlantis, Lemuria and Mu are the names of lost continents.


In White Eagle’s language, the word ‘lodge’ denotes ‘home’, a place where people come for warmth, comfort and refreshment.

Lost Continents

The ancient continent of Atlantis and also applied to other such land areas as Lemuria, Mu and Hyperborea .


Mantram/Mantra - A Sanskrit word for a sacred utterance or group of words (which can be in any language).


(Free)masonary - White Eagle refers to masonry as a form of universal truth or teaching, with no specific reference to the freemasonry of today.

Master R

Theosophists refer to the Master R as a Master of the Ancient Wisdom, also sometimes identified with the Comte de St Germain.

North American Indian

At the time these teachings were given, the term ‘Indian’ or ‘Red Indian’ was common parlance used to refer to Native Americans.


The Sanskrit word for the vital force synonymous with the Divine Breath, or ‘chi’.

Red Indian

At the time these teachings were given, the term ‘Indian’ or ‘Red Indian’ was common parlance used to refer to Native Americans.


Also known as the Brotherhood of the Rose Cross. It was revived in mediaeval times, but White Eagle states that it dates back far, far further than that.

Second Death

Whilst the first death is the laying aside of the physical vehicle, the second death is when the soul undergoes, as White Eagle says: ‘…the leaving aside of the earth personality - he can enter the heaven world in full consciousness.’


White Eagle’s use of the term ‘sin’ is characteristic of the context of the 1930s and 40s during which most of the teachings were given; it does not imply condemnation. White Eagle is without judgement with regard to human behaviour and feelings; as he states: ‘the only sin is the violation of the Law of Love’.

Solomon's Seal

The legendary symbol of the ring of King Solomon, given to him by God, which had powers to command both good and evil spirits.

Third Degree

The Third Degree is a rank of freemasonry.


Set, the Egyptian god who lured Osiris to his death, is sometimes identified with Typhon, who in Greek mythology was a serpentine giant who attempted to overthrow Zeus and was defeated.

Wesak Festival

The Buddhist festival of Wesak honours Buddha’s birthday and is celebrated at the full moon in May. White Eagle normally links it not so much to the calendar month of May as to the period of the Sun-sign Taurus.

White Brother

White Eagle refers to his teaching as coming from the White Brotherhood in the heavens, and of his pupils as aspirants towards this Brotherhood. 'White should be taken as 'of the light'.

White Brotherhood

The White Brotherhood, White Eagle said, is a band of spiritual beings, gathered in the invisible and drawing closer to the earth. These unseen Brethren number many great and wise – saint and seer, angel and archangel. The term is sometimes also applied to those on Earth who have committed themselves to work with them. The word ‘white’ should be taken as ‘of the light’.